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Why don't I find the images I'm searching for?

Fast search:

You can do it introducing words referring to the images you are searching for. It is a simple search, so you can introduce several words (separated by a space) and only the results containing these terms will appear. 

When you choose the word you want to introduce, you have to take into account:

  • Semantic root: It is better to introduce singular terms, similar to the root as much as possible. To make an example, if you introduce the word work, you will find images including the terms work, works, worker, workers, working, workable, etc. But if you use directly the term workable, you will find images results including only this word.
  • Singular/Plural: It is recommended to introduce singular words in order to obtain a better result.

Which is the difference between the included search and the exact search?

Both are a way to do a fast word search . The included search considers the word as a part of or as the whole keywords each image contains, taking into account that the word identification always begins from the root and it never begins from other points.
The exact search instead is obliged to contain exactly the word in the same way it is written. This is why it is a more restricted search, that normally gives less results.

Can I do searches if I'm not registered?

Yes, you can do free searches and free downloading for your proofs without a registration in our site. The images for proofs you can free download have got a filigree mark

How can I download free images for compositions?

You can do it from the Search Results page choosing the image you are interested in. Then the Photo in detail page will appear. Click the right mouse button on the image and choose the option Save as. Save it in your data warehouse and it will be already available. Another way of obtaining an image is using the button Print in your keyboard. You can give this command when the image is expanded and visible, then you have to paste it in a new document of any image editor.

What are extras?

Extras are additional services offered to the client in order to give him the possibility to search and purchase other images related to the one he is searching for, so that he can find more for his publications. For example, if you want to search images containing the same keywords of the image you are interested in, you can utilize the extra Show me more photos like this one.

How can I obtain detailed information about an image?

Click on one of the small images of the search results page or on the title under the image in order to access to the Photo in detail page. This page shows the complete information about the image, the available sizes and the images purchase and it also gives additional information such as, for example, about the possibility to find images similar to the one you have chose.

How does your formatting system function in showing the search results?

Every page shows a predetermined number of images that you can modify by means of the Photos per page extensible window, situated in the right side of the screen. Depending on the number chosen, you will have more or less results pages. In order to navigate the results you can click with the mouse on the numeration or on the arrows. A simple arrow allows you to go on or to go back. The double arrows allow you to go to the first or to the last results page (always alphabetically ordered).


Do I need to register myself for buying images?

No, you don't necessarily need. Although if you want to purchase our images by means of Rapidzoom credits, you must become an user in order to buy these credits. Besides, if you are registered you can enjoy the advantage of having your personal user area, with the chronology of your downloads, of the purchased credits and of the already utilized credits.

Is it safe to use my credit card in your website?

Our website utilizes the most advanced code text technology to ensure the safety of your information during the transfer. Rapidzoom is a safe electronic commerce website. Your payment information will be set out, processed and assured by the SSL cryptographic keying and it will utilize the HTTPS security protocol. Both technologies are accompanied by a certificate sent to the finance agency to whom the payments are done.

How does the credit system function?

Credits are the payment fractions into which the images are divided. You can buy the same image at 1, 2 or 3 credits, depending on the size and quality you need.

Which is the quality image I need?

It depends on the purpose and role the image has got. For a desktop visualization, it is enough the 1 credit version while if you have to print the image, you can choose between the 2 and the 3 credits version depending on the print size. The image size and resolution are indicated in inches (1 inch = 2,54 cm).

How can I check the images cost?

You can check your purchase price in different ways, depending on the payment system you choose. If you choose:

  • SMS purchase: the final cost will have a different amount depending on the country from where you purchase. In any case, the call or sms cost will be indicated with the relative taxes.
  • Rapidzoom credits: It is the cheapest way to buy your images, because we make special offers for credit packages purchase.

How can I print my purchase order?

You can obtain a purchase voucher by means of your intranet (user area).

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