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Terms of use

Content licence
The content of this agreement refers to users (from now on THE CLIENT), and to the content (from now on THE IMAGES) shown in the web page (from now on THE PORTAL), belonging to the Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. Company (from now on THE COMPANY).

We consider users all the people who establish a relation with THE COMPANY through THE PORTAL.


This document exposes the terms of use of THE PORTAL by THE CLIENTS, considering that they act both as individuals and representatives of an entity.

If THE CLIENT acts as representative of an entity, this last will be the responsible of the different acts done in order to obtain THE PORTAL IMAGES.


THE COMPANY gives right to use THE IMAGES (as it is specified in the points 3 and 4 of this document) for an unlimited time, because it is an unexclusive use.



  • The legislation in force protects the copyrights of the images shown in THE COMPANY PORTAL.
  • The on sale exposed IMAGES, that are being legally purchased, can be utilized for every kind of work, digital or printed, under the terms and conditions specified in this document.
  • It is forbidden the reselling of THE IMAGES or any other kind of economic speculation derived from this use.
  • It is forbidden the total or partial reproduction of THE IMAGES, the text, the design and the programming of this web space without a written authorization of THE COMPANY.

  • THE IMAGES purchased in THE COMPANY PORTAL can be used for every kind of digital or printed work under the terms and conditions specified in this document.
  • When THE CLIENT buys, he accepts all the conditions exposed in THE PORTAL.
3.3 THE IMAGES exposed in THE PORTAL by THE COMPANY can be used for:

  • Advertising announcements and plans, including printings, packaging and presentations that embody THE IMAGES legally purchased in THE PORTAL.
  • Entertainment objects, such as books, book covers, newspapers, magazines or CD.
  • On-line publications.
  • Any other kind of use must be approved in writing by THE COMPANY.

According to the point 3 of this document, THE IMAGES exposed in THE COMPANY PORTAL will be used considering the followings prohibitions:
  • It is forbidden the use of THE IMAGES in the web templates or in something similar (such as e-cards) for its following sale.
  • It is forbidden the use of THE IMAGES for any kind of selling neither through web sites or as manufactered products of every kind (t-shirts, sweets, marks, etc.).
  • It is forbidden the use of THE IMAGES as symbols or logos for every kind of trademark.
  • It is forbidden the use of THE IMAGES in every act THE COMPANY considers pornographic, obscene or immoral, or that contributes to the person defamation or to the defamation of the persons shown in THE IMAGES.
  • It is forbidden the use of THE IMAGES embodying people if they are used for the selling of some product or service, or if they represent people in a potentially sensible way, such as: physical or psychical handicaps, sexual activities, drug consumption or criminal activities, or if they represent people doing any other kind of action that could damage the sensibility or the image of these people themselves.
  • It is forbidden to take away or to modify any reference to the copyright or to registered marks included in THE IMAGES.
  • It is forbidden to give sub-licences, to resell or to rent any authorization or right of THE IMAGES exposed by THE COMPANY in THE PORTAL.
  • It is forbidden to install or copy THE IMAGES to a server or to an Internet web server in order to be used by others users.
  • It is forbidden to use or show THE IMAGES in any electronic kind that could be downloaded or distributed by means of mobile or downloading softwares or peer-to-peer archives distribution or similar softwares.
  • It is forbidden to use THE IMAGES for editorial purposes if any reference to the image's origin and author is indicated (when these are known or there is some reference to them in THE IMAGES data).

5.1 This agreement will be valid until its conclusion, which can be realized in the following ways:

  • When THE CLIENT destroys THE IMAGES he owns, together with any work or object containing them.
  • When THE CLIENT gives over THE IMAGES use for any reason.
5.2 THE COMPANY reserves the right to revoke the concession of use licences or to replace an image content with an alternative one for any reason THE COMPANY considers convenient.

Prior communication in one of the ways previously communicated by THE CLIENT, it is possible to communicate IMAGES licence changes, including modifications and withdrawn from the market. In this case, THE CLIENT has to stop using any kind of material related to THE IMAGES withdrawn or deleted, as well as to destroy or withdraw any material showing these IMAGES in a partial or total way.


6.1 THE COMPANY doesn't warrant for the lack of names, marks, licences, plans, art or architecture works or other intellectual things, in any of THE IMAGES exposed by THE PORTAL.

6.2 THE COMPANY has no responsibility for the wrong use or manipulation of THE IMAGES at CLIENT's disposal.

6.3 When THE CLIENT purchases, he accepts all the conditions exposed in THE PORTAL. For any problem between THE CLIENT and THE COMPANY, the first one accepts the Seville (Spain) Court of Law jurisdiction, where every kind of legal and/or administrative conflict will be solved.


7.1 THE COMPANY will reply to any request derived from problems during the THE IMAGES downloading, in the following cases:

  1. If THE CLIENT claims for the bad working of a service required and already payed, he can be authorized to redownload THE IMAGES. In this case THE COMPANY will reply.
  2. If THE CLIENT keeps trying to download THE IMAGES without managing, THE COMPANY makes itself responsible for giving back the amount of the service, after making sure it was impossible to satisfy the request because of the bad working of the downloading or for any defect in THE IMAGES. THE COMPANY may also attempt alternative ways for making THE IMAGES arrive to THE CLIENT (e-mail).
7.2 In no way THE COMPANY or any member of its staff will receive sanctions because of fortuitous or indirect damages, or because of damages due to the bad working of THE IMAGES downloaded from THE PORTAL or if they violate the specifically forbidden rules.

7.3 In no way THE COMPANY responsibility and warranty, according to this agreement terms and in relation to THE CLIENT, will imply an expense bigger than the amount received by THE COMPANY for the selling of IMAGES to THE CLIENT in question.


If THE COMPANY would be investigated becouse of a fraudolent or illegal use, or becouse of any activity considered sanctionable by the Spanish or the International jurisdiction in relation to the THE IMAGES use made by THE CLIENT or by the institution he represents, these lasts will compromise themselves in having any expense due to this trial in order to defend THE COMPANY, or any person bound by THE COMPANY itself.


9.1 THE CLIENT, in the individual way, compromises himself in accepting and reading any modification exposed in this agreement, although THE COMPANY hasn't told about it previously and in a specific and concrete way.

9.2 The lack of persistence by THE COMPANY about any regulation of this agreement, doesn't make THE CLIENT exempt from complying with it.

9.3 This is a private agreement between THE COMPANY and THE CLIENT (if he represents an entity, this last will be the responsible for the different acts done for obtaining THE PORTAL IMAGES) and it will be always put in practise prior COMPANY consent.

9.4 THE CLIENT, or the institution he represents, can't accept this agreement partially or in an interested way, that is, when he accepts this agreement he accepts all and each of the points and obligations expressed in it.

9.5 THE CLIENT makes himself responsible for the payment of any purchasing or usage tax, of any additional tax and of obligations imposed by any jurisdiction as a result of the licence granted to him for THE IMAGES use, according to this agreement.


If you have any doubt about this agreement, please, contact THE COMPANY, in, or by telephone at 954-564-107


THE CLIENT of THE PORTAL admits to have read this agreement and accepts the legal consequences deriving from it, especially those referring to THE IMAGES use and limits of use and to the relationship between THE COMPANY and THE CLIENT from which they derive.

© Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L. 1999-2006.
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