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Legal Notice
Red y Comercio Interactivos S. L.

Torneo Parque Empresarial
C \ Arquitectura 5, Torre 8, Planta 8, Módulos 8-10,
41015 Seville (Spain)
TEL: 34-954-564107 - Fax: 34-954-210767


The company Red y Comercio Interactivos S.L., from now on THE COMPANY, is the owner of the PORTAL and of its content. It is forbidden the transmission, transfer, sale, rent and/or public exhibition of THE PORTAL without the authorization of its owner. Information and advices given in THE PORTAL are simply indicative, so THE COMPANY is exempt from any responsibility due to lack of exactness or effectiveness in these information or advices.

THE COMPANY reserves the right of changing THE PORTAL's content without notice or limitation. The information forwarded to THE PORTAL or entered by means of its forms must be true and it will not hurt the rights of third parties or the regulation in force.

THE COMPANY takes no contractual or extra-contractual responsibility for people or companies having any kind of damage due to computer viruses or to any typology of information elements, because it can't guarantee 100% absence of viruses or other elements in THE PORTAL.


In THE PORTAL THE COMPANY offers information related to the kind of activities, products and services it realizes, after signing and under the terms and conditions bargained.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to update, change or delete the information contained in, so that it could limit or avoid the access to this information. THE COMPANY reserves above all the right to delete, limit or prevent the access to THE PORTAL for some technical difficulties, such as those caused by events or circumstances having not to do with THE COMPANY when, in its opinion, they diminish or cancel the levels of security used for the good working of THE PORTAL.


Some of the services offered by THE PORTAL may contain special conditions which have to do specifically with the personal information protection.

The collected personal information will be treated by computer and will be taken in the correspondent computerised archive.

The user guarantees that the personal information given to THE COMPANY is true and he is himself responsible for communicating any change in it.

Collection and computer treatment of personal data shoot for maintaining a contractual relationship with THE COMPANY, and for the management, administration, answering, increasing and improvement of the services which the client decide to use, such as the sending of technical, operative and commercial information about the services and products offered by THE COMPANY.

THE COMPANY has adopted the security levels for protecting legally required personal information, and it shall endeavour to install any other additional technical mean or measure in order to avoid the lost, bad use, alteration, unauthorized access and stealing of personal data given to THE COMPANY. Despite that, the user must be aware of the fact that the security means on the Internet are not always unbeatable.

The users have got specific rights and they shall exercise the rights of access, unsubscription, modification and opposition, such as the right to be informed about the realized cessions by contacting THE COMPANY.

THE COMPANY may utilize cookies when a user navigate THE PORTAL, associating itself only with the navigator of a determined computer (an anonymous user), and it doesn't use for itself the user's name and surname. Thanks to cookies, it is possible for THE COMPANY to recognize the registered users' navigators after their first registration. So it isn't necessary for them to register every time they visit THE PORTAL for accessing to the areas and services reserved exclusively to them. The utilized cookies can't read the cookie archives created by other providers. The user may configure his navigator in order to be warned on the screen when he is receiving cookies and in order to avoid the installation of cookies in his hard disk.


THE COMPANY counts on an expressed publication authorization for the mayority of the images. In any case, if some individual, or some physical or juridical entity will solicit the withdrawal of an image where he appears or where his goods appear clearly, and it doesn't exist any cession of rights by its part, the withdrawal will be done immediately.
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